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Jedco Custom Knife Sheaths and Cowboy Knives

Going out of business sale.
All existing inventory will be sold, but please know we cannot take any new orders. Please email at if there is an item you are interested in purchasing.

For BEST FIT on KNIFE SHEATHS, you need to send your knife to us, ......or you can DRAW-AROUND it from both views, mail drawing, and we will find a knife here close fit as possible.

Our Standard Custom-Made Knife Sheaths are listed by stock # below. Most of our customers want OPEN tops for fast knife extraction, and that is the standard pattern we use, but we can make any model with fold-over, thumb SNAP-FLAP if wanted. We can add Standard BLOCK Letters in 3/4 or 1 in. for $3.00 each and can add Brands at $30.00 each. You must make a small drawing on the order form showing us WHERE you want initials, brands, or any other art work PLACED or we will use our best judgment. There is no return, no exchange, no refund, and all sales are final.

(**Size on FOLDERS is determined by Knife Length with knife FOLDED, and Size on FIXED-BLADE knife is complete LENGTH OF KNIFE including blade and handle.)

(Take a look at our WORKING COWBOY, STOCKMAN KNIVES at the bottom of this page, you can order a custom sheath for any model, any way you want them, as listed below, or you can ask for a free factory sheath).



Knife Sheath

Click on pictures for larger views.

Knife Sheaths


horizontal sheaths and lanyards


Knife Sheath: 7-9oz. Natural Tooling Shoulder Leather, one piece folded-over and Custom Shaped with one edge, Leather Thong Laced or Sewn Edge your choice.. Comes standard HORIZONTAL Hang ONLY with OPEN-TOP but we can add a snap flap if wanted.

(* Color choice Natural-Oil, Tan, Brown, Black.)

(a.) PLAIN Folder: (No Tooling).

  Any Size Folder Knife =$37.00

(b.) HAND-TOOLED Folder: Pebble or Basket pattern, Hand Stamped.

  Any Size Folder Knife =$47.00



(#KS-125), - HOLSTER STYLE Knife Sheath:
7-9oz. Natural shoulder leather, with wrap-around holster strap attached to back belt loop. Leather Thong Laced or Sewn Edge.. Comes standard with Open Top, but Snap-Flap can be added if wanted. VERTICAL hang only. Color choice - Natural-Oil, Tan, Brown, Black. Any size Folder knife.

(a.) PLAIN (no tooling). = $40.00

(b.) HAND-TOOLED. Hand stamped Pebble or Basket Pattern. = $50.00


Left-Side Slant for KS-150.

Both sides Right Slant or Left Slant for KS-150

Click on pictures for larger views.

Right-Side Slant for KS-150

(#KS-150), - "SLOT-BLOCK" FOLDER Style Sheath:
Double & Stitched leather "Slot-Block" on back of the sheath for greater strength and stability plus you can position your knife OVER a pants belt loop if wanted. The Knife Sheath is then sewn and hand Whip-Laced to the Block with a Leather Thong. Standard OPEN-END or we can add snap-flap. Choice of color = Natural Oil, Tan, Brown, Black. We make this Sheath in SLANT Right or Left only. Tell which side you carry on. (*Run your belt thru one block slot, then UNDER jeans loop, then out other block slot. Sheath will stay set and not shift.)

(a.) PLAIN Folder: (No Tooling).

  Any Size Folder Knife = $47.00

(b.) HAND-TOOLED Folder: Pebble or Basket pattern, Hand-Stamped..

  Any Size Folder Knife = $57.00


Pancake Knife Sheath
Click on picture for larger views.

(#KS-200), - PAN-CAKE Style FOLDER Sheath:
Natural Tooling Shoulder Leather, Custom Shaped two layers of leather. Belt slots on sides, and Machine stitched with heavy waxed nylon cord only. Your choice of VERTICAL or SLANT right or left Hang. Tell which side of the body will wear knife. Color - Natural, Tan, Brown, Black. Standard OPEN-END only.

(KS-200-A) PLAIN: Regular Folder Knife only, any size. = $55.00

(KS-200-B) HAND-TOOLED: Pebble or Basket pattern, Folder only. = $65.00


(#KS-300)  FIXED-BLADE Knife Sheaths

#KS-300B Slot-Block, fixed blade sheath

#KS-300-B Slot Block with Snap-Flap

#KS-300-B Slot Block with Snap-Flap as shown on the customer
Fixed-blade knife sheath knife sheath Knife Sheaths



#KS-300V Vertical

(#KS-300H = HORIZONTAL (Amarillo Style)

Click on pictures for larger views.

(#KS-300), FIXED-BLADE Knife Sheaths:
9-10oz. Natural Tooling Shoulder Leather, Fold-Over or Pan-Cake Style, custom shaped with sharp edge protector insert, and leather-thong laced edge. Your choice of Horizontal, Vertical, or Slant Hang. We must know which side of the body you will carry the knife on. Color= Natural Oil, Tan, Brown, Black.

(*SIZE MEANS OVERALL LENGTH of Knife: - Small = anything less than 7", Medium = anything between 7" and 10", Large = anything over 10").

Available in (6) Six Styles:

(#KS-300B) = SLOT-BLOCK, Slant Cross Draw Right or Left , belt slots. This is our most popular sheath and the SNAP-FLAP is preferred as shown below or open end. Can be positioned ON TOP OF PANTS BELT LOOP for better draw.

(#KS-300S) = SLANT, Cross-Draw Right or Left side, Belt Loop.

(#KS-300H = HORIZONTAL (Amarillo Style) worn Right or Left, belt loop.

(#KS-300V) = VERTICAL, Right or Left with safety strap, belt loop.

(#KS-300P) = PANCAKE, Right or Left, belt slots.

(a.) PLAIN: No Tooling.

  Small=$67.00, Medium=$77.00, Large=$87.00

(b.) TOOLED: Spot Pebble or Basket, Hand Tooled.

  Small=$78.00, Medium=$88.00, Large=$98.00



The Folder Working Knife every stockman has been looking for, that will last a lifetime. Each Knife comes with best CARBON-STEEL blades that will hold an edge, Nickel Silver Bolsters and Pins, Brass Liners, and Smooth Yellow Delrin Handles. Designed and tested on some of the largest cattle ranches in the state of Texas. Distributed to Jedco Leather Co., by Moore Maker, Inc., of Matador, Texas, USA.
**(Check the Jedco Custom-Made KNIFE SHEATHS shown on this page. We make custom sheaths anyway you want them and for any size knife. If you do not see the knife you want, just ask because we might just have it in our private collection.)

  Click on pictures for larger views.  Prices and specs below.


Working Knife
#3205 Muskrat

Big-Hand Trapper Knife
Big-Hand Trapper

 #3208 Hoofpick Trapper

#3209DLB Copperhead

#3239FH Folder Hunter

#3301 Stockman

#3305 Punch-Blade Stockman

Fixed-Blade Hunter Knives

cowboy knives

Top = #3100,  Mid. = #3101-DP,  Bottom = #3101-SP

Top=#3100UDP, 7" DP, Bottom=#3101UDP, 8 1/2" DP


 #3202B, 4-1/8", two-blade Trapper, Yellow Delrin handles. = $40.00

#3239FH, 5-1/4", two-blade Folder Hunter, Delrin handles. = $75.00

 #3205B, 3-7/8", two-blade Muskrat, Yellow Delrin handles. = $40.00

 #3206, 4-3/8", Two-Blade Big-Hand Trapper, Yellow Delrin handles. Has been improved with Lanyard Hole. (For the money - best knife made) = $68.00

 #3208, 4-1/8", one blade + Hoofpick Trapper, Yellow Delrin handles. = $48.00

 #3301B, 3-7/8", three-blade Stockman, Yellow Delrin handles = $42.00

 #3305, 3-7/8", two-blade + Punchblade Stkmn, Yellow Delrin handles. = $50.00

 #3209DLB, 3-3/4" Double Lock Back Copperhead, Yellow Delrin = $65.00

 #3100, 6-1/2" Small Game Hunter, Smooth Yellow Delrin handle = $50.00

 #3101DP, 8" Drop-Point Hunter, Smooth Yellow Delrin handle = $65.00

 #3101SP, 8-7/8" Spear-Point Hunter, Smooth Yellow Delrin handle = $70.00

 #3100UDP, 7" Small Drop-Point, Yellow Delrin with lanyard hole = $65.00

 #3101UDP, 8-1/2" Large Drop-Point, Yellow Delrin with lanyard hole = $70.00

Saddle and Tack repair prices are listed, but all current and future customers should know that we do full leather repair on many other products. BELTS, WALLETS, and KNIFE-SHEATHS can be re-finished and re-laced to look like new! Check the "Order-Blank" for shipping instructions on all LEATHER REPAIRS.

(***All Jedco Custom-Made Leather goods are made at our shops in Hedley, Texas unless otherwise noted. There is no refund, no return, no exchange for any product, and all sales are final. Make sure you order correct product numbers, size, color, etc., and we will try our best to make what you want.)

To find out more about our products or to place an order contact us at:

Jedco Leather, P.O. Box-206, Hedley, Texas, 79237
Phone: 1-806-856-5251
or 806-854-0047 Email:
Business Hours: Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST

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